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What are the differences between the EVA and PE materials for automotive foam tape?


What are the differences between the EVA and PE materials for automotive foam tape?

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Conventional automobile foam tape is based on EVA or PE as the substrate, double-coated with adhesives such as acrylic glue, and release film as separation layer adhesive tape.
Foam tapes are generally used for fixing, sealing, cushioning, sound insulation and other purposes.
1. Electronic Market: Mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, mechanical panels, membrane switches, etc.;
2. Automobile market: exterior decoration strips, auto parts, automobile logos, car perfumes, etc.;
3, home market: hooks, furniture, toys, crafts and so on.
There is no obvious difference in their use, but where is the difference between EVA and PE?
The difference between PE foam and EVA foam
EVA foam is an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer copolymerized with ethylene and vinyl acetate; PE foam is polyethylene foam. There are essential differences between the two materials.
In actual production, the production process of EVA foam and PE foam is also very different. EVA foam is open-foamed into a single piece of spliced ​​and cut into required thick and then coated.
PE foam can be open-cell foam, closed-cell foam, and can be directly coated into a desired thickness for coating process. Among them, the open-cell foamed foam will be water-permeable under certain pressure, so the closed-cell foamed PE material has better waterproof performance than EVA. EVA cut through the material connection often has thickness can not be controlled in place, but can not do very thin material requirements. The PE foam made of drawn film can be made as low as 50um in thickness, and the tensile strength is better than EVA foam. Therefore, PE foam rubber can be used in more advanced fields. Such as high-end mobile phones, televisions, solar cells and other high-end electronic equipment, the border seal.
However, PE foam is higher in cost than EVA, and EVA foam rubber still has advantages in the low-end application market.
Due to the differences in the composition of the foaming material, not all the PEs of the process components have the properties described in this document. Please be informed.


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