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VOID Anti-Counterfeit Material Label Categories and Technical Requirements
PET release film characteristics, use and typical thickness
New material: hardness like glass, bendable like plastic
Can fold folded smart phones further! KAIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology), known as “Korean MIT”, developed a new type of plastic film that is as hard as glass and as elastic as plastic
Easy-pull tape: Solving the Contradiction between Permanent Bonding and Nondestructive Disassembly
In the consumer electronics, home appliances and other industries, users are increasingly pursuing thin and exquisite product appearance, the pursuit of personalized and fresh experience, the pace of
Asian release paper market accounts for 37% of global market
According to the latest market analysis done by AWA (Alexander Watson Associates), the Asian release paper market has a lot of opportunities. The Asian market's demand for release paper covers a wide
Foam tape adhesive note
Foam tape is made by using EVA or PE foam as the base material and coating one or both sides with a solvent-based (or hot-melt type) pressure-sensitive adhesive and reusing the release paper. Sealed,
Die Cutting Common Protective Film Categories and Advantages
The following four methods can be used to distinguish between silicone, acrylic, and PU adhesive films:A smell: Acrylic glue has a smell, silicone, PU plastic taste is not;
The difference between BOPP precoat and PET precoat
BOPP precoat:BOPP pre-coating film, which is polypropylene film and EVA hot-melt adhesive to form a laminated film, has unique properties, can improve the shortcomings of common polypropylene film,
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