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New material: hardness like glass, bendable like plastic


New material: hardness like glass, bendable like plastic

Can fold folded smart phones further! KAIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology), known as “Korean MIT”, developed a new type of plastic film that is as hard as glass and as elastic as plastic, and is expected to speed up the development of foldable mobile phones. Can be listed in the year.
South Korean media Etnews reported on the 10th that the smart phone screen is covered with a glass substrate to protect the screen from external impact, and the glass is transparent and colorless, which will not affect the display of the color of the monitor. The problem is that the glass substrate cannot be bent or broken easily, and it is not suitable for foldable smart phones.
In order to develop a collapsible mobile phone, the industry has replaced the glass substrate with a transparent plastic film. However, although the plastic film can be bent, its hardness is not enough to provide sufficient protection for the screen. Bae Byeong-soo, Professor of KAIST's New Materials Engineering Department, announced the development of a flexible hard coating technology to solve this problem.
According to Bae, Siloxane polymers are similar in hardness to glass and they are as elastic as plastics. They tested the monitor with inward folding and found that the new material has a hardness of 9H and can be bent more than 200,000 times. He said that this material can also be used to fold out the screen.
Prior to this, Korea's Kolon Industries has developed plastic films with KAIST's flexible hard coating technology that can strengthen the hardness of plastic films and accelerate the folding of commercial steps.


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